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Just in time for Imagine RIT this Saturday, May 5th!

We will be exhibiting in BLDG 7A RM 1441, come stop by to play with Tap-A-Story!

We entered the SIGGRAPH Real-Time Live! competition

With the footage from our showcase we were able to put together the mandatory 3 minute video showing our app being used live; no special effects or simulations. Thanks to everyone who participated! The video can be viewed at this link:  Tap_A_Story_exhibit

New Media Showcase was a success!

We exhibited our project, showed off our hard work and received great feedback! Comments included “Ah! This is so cute!” “OMG there’s night and day versions!” “TRON FOX” “My four year old daughter would love this!” “When can I download it?” It felt so good to get such positive response after working on this project for 20 weeks.

Stay tuned for live footage from the exhibit.

If you missed out on our first exhibit we will be showcasing again at Imagine RIT on Saturday, May 5th.

We are also looking into putting Tap-A-Story in the app store.


Adventures in QA’ing

Some of the issues we ran into and fixed that we thought were kind of funny:

lizard interaction looked like it was wiggling out of the bear














toucan left a part of him behind when he flew away














invisible fox with accessories still showing













We ran into issues with the iPad not rendering any filters we applied to Movieclips in flash. So we came up with a work around for the color – changing of the fox. We had to use color transform which was much more limiting in viable options. Here are some of the honorable mentions that didn’t make the cut:

We’ve submitted to the Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2012!


Final Steps before Monday’s Presentation

The app is on the iPad! We are currently QA’ing and debugging anything we come across. Posters are being created. Documentation is getting put together. Sound effects are being added. Competition forms are getting submitted. We are almost there…

Approaching the Final Presentation Update


The scenes are in! About 2/3 of the animations are in. The fox animations are being put into flash. The future video is getting “stylized” 3D assets. Everything is coming to together.



At this point it’s just the tedious task of putting in the animations and making sure it doesn’t slow down or break. Right now the narration, day and night versions and parallaxing effect are on every page. Some secondary animations and interactive animations have been put in and it’s still working great!


The final pieces to create are the posters and the Documentation.

We’re submitting to the ADDY’s!

We worked to get together a video that summed up our final project even though we are still in development stages. The ADDY deadline is tomorrow so we made it in the knick of time! View the video here:


End of Week 07 Progress Status

Our developers have put together the entire story, complete with parallaxing, night and day modes, and animated voiceover narration. We have almost all of the scenes in, we are only missing the cave and river option scene. The focus has now turned to wrapping up our loose ends. (which include; 3D graphics in future video, story animations, sound effects, hints)

Week 05 Presentation

Presentation PDF

Future Video Roughcut